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Online Wool & Craft shop based in the beautiful New Forest

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About me

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For as long as I remember I have loved knitting and Crochet. My Grandma must have had lots of patience because both my sister and I could knit and crochet before we went to school and that is where my love for crafts started. As I grew older I would love going to the wool shop and would be overawed by the variety of colours and types of yarn you could buy. That is when my love for wool started, I was like a kid in a sweet shop not knowing what to buy and that is how the name ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix Crafts’ came about.


I always dreamt of having my own wool shop and now it’s a reality! Pick ‘n’ Mix Crafts is not only an online Wool Shop but a small mobile shop that travels in the New Forest helping people who do not have wool shops near them. Pick ‘n’ Mix Crafts also offers kits. Some will be generic kits however I want my customers to be able to choose whatever they want to knit/crochet rather that only be able to choose a toy or a scarf (I do those too!) and have it sent as a kit witeverything you need from scissors, needles to buttons.


These will be ideal for people who want to try a new craft and also for a gift to the most novice to experienced crafter. As my business grows I am keen to grow a community so that my customers share their creations on instagram and facebook so I can see how they are getting on and can share the joy or frustration! I also want to be able use this forum to help

with Charities as well such as the ‘Handmade with love' – Preemie baby blankets UK

Note to Self:

I am doing the best I can with what I have in this moment. But I'm going to need more yarn.




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Pick'n'Mix Crafts Ltd, 112 Woodlands Rd,

Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7AL

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